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What is embassy verification certificate?

What is embassy verification certificate?

It is a legalization process to verify the genuinity of a person or a company. The process is carried out after the verification done from the MEA. The document that is received by the embassy is stamped by the MEA which previously was verified by state government departments.

How does a visa officer verify documents?

The visa officer verify applicant’s identity from the person who issued the referral letter, HR Manager, Colleagues, Receptionist and why not even from the security person. B. Telephonic 1. Employer The visa officer can ring to the number given in the reference letter.

Does the embassy verify work experience?

The government has entire departments of people to check these things. They check previous education, references, job experience, and everything else on the application.

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How can I verify my certificate online?


  1. Select your Institute. & upload certificate.
  2. Make payment & request verification.
  3. Receive your e-verified. certificate.

How do I verify college admissions online?

Document Verification for Merit-Based Courses is an online process. The admissions in charge will verify your documents online. You need to share your unique registration ID with the teacher In-charge of the respective Department/College. After this, you need to show your original documents for verification.

Does US Embassy do background check for student visa?

The consular officers, according to a State Department FAQ, “would only use this information to determine the applicant’s eligibility for a visa under existing U.S. law.” In effect, these social media background checks are used to verify your identity and to ensure that you are coming to the U.S. to study.

How do immigration officers verify work experience?

CHC verify the work experince by telephone calls ( mostly ) as well as personal visit ( in few cases ). 2. Somtimes they ask for registration of the company. In some cases they had declined immigration application on the ground that the company / firm is not registered.

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What is a No Objection Certificate and how does it work?

Through the No Objection Certificate, the company not just declares that you have the the approved leaves for the visit, but also the necessary funds to support you through the entirety of your travel.

How do I get a no objection letter from the US?

You can obtain a “No Objection Letter” by making an online appointment to visit your local Embassy/Consulate. The service takes just a few minutes and involves signing an affidavit that we will then notarize. You need to bring your passport. Complete fee information is available here.

What is a consular authentication?

An authentication is the placing of the consular seal over the seal of a foreign authority whose seal and signature is on file with the American Embassy or Consulate. A consular authentication in no way attests to the authenticity of the contents of a document but merely to the seal and signature of the issuing authority.

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How to write a letter to the US consulate or embassy?

So, while arranging for your employer to write to the consulate or embassy, it is best if you could draft the letter by yourself or copy and fill up a good ‘No Objection Certificate from employer’ template, and get it duly signed and sealed by your employer. If you’re still worried, don’t be.