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What is plinth protection?

What is plinth protection?

Plinth protection reduces direct water entering into the soil close to the plinth wall. In other word , the area surrounding the building is usually known as the plinth protection. A plinth protection usually is done by pouring an approximate 75 – 100 mm layer of plain cement concrete along the edge of the building.

What are the requirements of plinth of a building?

What Is Height of Plinth? The height of the plinth is between 300 – 450 mm from the ground level. It is recommended that a minimum baseboard height of 150 mm be adopted from a natural level.

What precautions should be taken in plinth level?

Avoid brickwork below ground level to avoid dampness in the plinth. No masonry should rest on bare soil, but it should rest either on P.C.C. done on well-compacted strata or on plinth/tie beam.

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What are the types of plinth?

Tie beam is also a type of plinth beam. When tie beam is provided at plinth level it is known as plinth beam. That means the only difference is the height at which they are provided. Plinth beam is only provided at plinth level but tie beam is provided anywhere above the plinth level and floor level.

Where is plinth protection provided?

Plinth protection is usually provided by placing a plain cement concrete layer of thickness about 75 to 100 mm along building edges. Plinth protection is provided to stop the infiltration of water in the soil reaches the plinth wall and floor level by capillary action resulting in dampness.

What is a maximum plinth height is required?

Maximum height of plinth level:- Plinth beam is provided at the plinth level above the natural ground surface where soil filling and labelling for building construction has been completed. Maximum height of plinth beam is kept about 2 feet (600mm) high from ground level for residential and commercial building.

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What is the height of plinth beam?

Generally plinth beam height is taken as 1 feet to 2 feet (300mm to 600mm) height from ground level. Standard height of plinth beam is about 1.5feet (450mm) high from ground level for residential building and about 2feet (600mm) standard height taken for commercial building.

What is the standard plinth height?

Plinth Level:- The plinth height is in between 300mm – 450 mm from ground level. It is recommended that the minimum plinth height of 150 mm is adopted from the top of the road. Damp proof course (DPC) is laid on Plinth level.

What is the depth of plinth beam?

A minimum depth of plinth beam is 20cm whereas its width should match the width of final course of the foundation.