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What is the meaning behind the saying the whole nine yards?

What is the meaning behind the saying the whole nine yards?

“The whole nine yards” or “the full nine yards” is a colloquial American English phrase meaning “everything, the whole lot” or, when used as an adjective, “all the way”, as in, “The Army came out and gave us the whole nine yards on how they use space systems.” Its origin is unknown and has been described by Yale …

How many 50 caliber rounds are in a 9 yard belt?

. 50 bmg(the round most commonly used by US fighters at the time) is about that in diameter(. 5inches), so 9 yards is 9 times 36in so 9 x36 x 2(per inch) or so is 648 rounds excluding linkages.

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How many the whole nine yards are there?

The Whole Nine Yards2000
The Whole Ten Yards2004
The Whole Nine Yards/Movies

Where does the whole nine yards take place?

Its story follows a mild-mannered dentist as he travels to Chicago to inform a mob boss about the whereabouts of his new neighbor, a former hitman with a price on his head.

What is the sequel to The Whole Nine Yards?

The Whole Ten Yards
The Whole Nine Yards/Sequels

The Whole Ten Yards is a 2004 American crime comedy film directed by Howard Deutch and starring Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Natasha Henstridge, and Kevin Pollak. It is a sequel to the 2000 film The Whole Nine Yards.

What is the whole 9?

Founded in 2009 by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the authors of the book It Starts with Food, the Whole9 is a community focused on health, fitness, balance and sanity, all built on a foundation of real food and healthy nutritional habits.

How much ammunition did a b17 carry?

Additional armament included an additional dorsal turret in the radio room, a remotely operated and fired Bendix-built “chin turret” directly below the bombardier’s accommodation, and twin . 50 in (12.7 mm) guns in each of the waist positions. The ammunition load was over 11,000 rounds.

How much ammo did WW2 fighters carry?

1,150 rounds of machine gun ammunition (250 rounds carried in 5 belt drums of 50 rounds; 900 rounds carried in 3 ammo boxes of 300 rounds) 360 rounds of rifle ammunition (each rifleman carried 45 rounds on the march; 60 rounds in combat)

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How do you do the whole nine yards?

The phrase ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ is used to indicate that you are speaking about everything that is appropriate, available, or pertinent, in all ways. Example of Use: “If you want to run for class president, I’ll be with you the whole nine yards.”

What year did Bruce Willis appear in friends?

Bruce Willis appears as Paul in a total of three episodes on the Sixth season of FRIENDS. Willis’ Paul was the father to Alexandra Holden’s Elizabeth on the show.

What year did The Whole Nine Yards come out?

February 18, 2000 (USA)
The Whole Nine Yards/Release date

Was the b24 better than the B-17?

The B-24 had a shoulder-mounted high aspect ratio Davis wing. This wing was highly efficient allowing a relatively high airspeed and long range. Compared to the B-17 it had a 6-foot larger wingspan, but a lower wing area. This gave the B-24 a 35\% higher wing loading.

What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘the whole nine yards’?

The phrase ‘The whole nine yards’ – meaning and origin. What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘The whole nine yards’? The expression ‘the whole nine yards’ means ‘all of it – the full measure’. What’s the origin of the phrase ‘The whole nine yards’? The origin of this expression is considered the holy grail of etymology.

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Where does Boston go the whole nine yards come from?

“Boston goes the whole nine yards” And yet, not a single journalist worldwide came up with that line, which is missing from all newspaper archives. The phrase may have been coined before 1961, but it certainly wasn’t then known to that most slang-aware of groups – newspaper journalists. Earliest citations in print

Where did the phrase all nine yards of Goodies come from?

In a short story published in 1962, the phrase is attributed to “a brush salesman”. A letter published in an auto magazine later that year describes a certain new car as containing “all nine yards of goodies”.

How much evidence do we know about the origin of nine yards?

Thousands of hours of research has gone into unearthing the evidence that will prove which of the many possible derivations is true. Many people have a fervent belief that they know the origin and what the ‘nine yards’ are. These convictions are unfailingly based on no more evidence than ‘someone told me’.