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Which one is better Wildcraft or American Tourister?

Which one is better Wildcraft or American Tourister?

Design — Wildcraft bags are bigger than their American counterparts. So, if you are looking for a backpack for your next trek or hike, go for Wildcraft. Durability — In terms of quality, both these brands are almost similar. However, the side packs of Wildcraft bags are fairly more durable than AT bags.

Is Wildcraft better than Skybags?

Skybags are designed to be used as luggage bags, while Wildcraft backpacks are more of an outdoor requirement. In addition, Wildcraft backpacks are priced lower than Skybags and offer more rugged use. Therefore, it is always a better choice for people who do not wish to bother about its usage.

Are Wildcraft products good?

Wild craft is a popular brand in india the price of its products are low as compared to other brands like sky bags fast track and other brands. the material used by wildcraft are of high quality and they are PVC free and eco friendly. i have a wild craft bag which is very good for adventurous journey.

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How do I claim safari bag warranty Quora?

If your product is covered under warranty and if you have to claim it, all you have to do is just visit the nearest authorized service center for your product ‘along with a copy of the invoice’. Warranty card is not necessary and a copy of the invoice would be enough to claim the warranty.

Is wildcraft a good brand Quora?

Wildcraft is an Indian brand which has good reputation in outdoor shoes segment. You can trust them as they provide good customer service and is trusted by most of the trekkers and mountain climbers. In Gear Category (Rucksack, Backpack, Duffle, Trolley Bag, etc.) hands down Wildcraft products are better.

Which is the best school bag company?

Best Brands Of School Bags in India 2021

Top 9 School Bag Brands in India (2021) – Best Backpacks Online for School Price Buy
American Tourister Starting From Rs. 1,000 Amazon
SkyBags Starting From Rs. 1,200 Amazon
Puma Starting From Rs. 799 Amazon
Nike Starting From Rs. 1,000 Amazon
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Is wildcraft Indian brand?

Wildcraft is an Indian clothing and accessories company with its headquarters in Bangalore. The company’s products are sold in over 200+ exclusive stores and 4,000 multi-branded stores in India and abroad. The company was founded by Siddharth Sood and Gaurav Dublish.

Is wildcraft a good company?

Wildcraft is a good company in both the scense, customer as also as a employee. Product are also good with best quality. Staffs and managements are professional. Not all facilities but they provide some facilities.

How do I check my Safari bag warranty?

Call our Customer Service representative at +91 9819547085.

How do I know if I have a real safari bag?

The letters are code for the country in which the bag was made, while the numbers indicate when it was made. The second and fourth numbers stand for the year, while the first and third numbers are for the week in that year. * The next important thing to look for is the stitching.

Is Quechua and wildcraft same?

Both companies use quality products but Quechua is the winner. Since wildcraft is a newly emerged brand with respect to Apparels and Shoes. Their Backpacks are major contributing segment in market and they are very much technical on this part and they are the leader.

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How many stores does Wildcraft have in India?

Wildcraft is equipped with an extended geo footprint of 200+ exclusive brand stores across 60+ cities with 5000+ retail points-of-sale across India. This also includes over 1000 points-of-sale across departmental stores & hyper markets. Wildcraft further has a strategic partnership with Flipkart & Myntra.

Why choose Wildcraft?

Wildcraft has been serving the armed forces, the paramilitary & police personnel through Defence and Police canteens across the country. It has now been accorded the privilege of equipping Jawans of the Indian Army with specially designed 90 Litre technical rucksacks. MEET THE TEAM! Aditya has been with Wildcraft since 2015 & associated since 2009.

Who is the head of business support at Wildcraft?

Vinod currently heads Wildcraft’s entire Business Support function & leads multi-disciplinary support teams across Finance, Customer Support, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, & Administration functions. Pawandip has been with Wildcraft since 2017.