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Why are INTJs superior?

Why are INTJs superior?

INTJ’s are superior at two things, rifling through vast amounts of data to find the salient points quickly and intuiting things from that data to extrapolate salient future information.

What are INTJs really like?

INTJs look at the big picture and like to focus on abstract information rather than concrete details. INTJs place greater emphasis on logic and objective information rather than subjective emotions. INTJs like their world to feel controlled and ordered so they prefer to make plans well in advance.

Are INTJs independent?

INTJs are highly independent people, and so they need those around them to respect this. For the INTJ independence is about being able to care for themselves and make their own decisions without constantly relying on someone else. This is what helps keep their minds clear and their focus where it needs to be.

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What are the personality traits of INTJ?

People with the INTJ personality type are introverts. This means that they like to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the environment in order to gather new strength in silence. They love to escape into their own world of thoughts. This is usually very imaginative and profound.

Are istjs right or left-wing personality types?

ISTJs are one of the easier personality types to assess for political leanings. Their need to follow rules and conform to the status quo is almost stereotypically right wing. Their reliability and practicality helps to further this assessment.

What is the full form of INTJ?

The INTJ abbreviation stands for the following personality traits: 1 I: Introversion (introvert) 2 N: Intuition (intuitive) 3 T: Thinking (logical thinking) 4 J: Jugding (judging).

Do intjs prefer individual work or team work?

INTJ personalities prefer individual work. In the context of teamwork, they find themselves confronted with too many emotions. Moreover, they have little confidence in other people. They therefore prefer to take important tasks into their own hands.