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Why do kpop idols get double eyelid surgery?

Why do kpop idols get double eyelid surgery?

The aim is to preserve their natural contours and the features that define them as Asian women and to just adjust the skin above the eye to look even better. For many young Korean girls, fitting to such beauty standards is entangled with greater social and career success.

Who has double eyelids in Kpop?

V (BTS) Our very own BTS’s V is number 1 on the list with his gorgeous eyes! While his eyelids may be uneven, he still kills all ARMYs with his intense smoldering gazes. His left eye has a heavy double eyelid while his right eye is monolid.

Does Jimin have double eyelids?

Jimin has a very unique eye shape. He has very soft monolids and a soft dripping like shape. Taehyung eyes are very big and rounded. He is the one in the group that has a double-lid and an monolid.

Does KPOP Idol do plastic surgery?

Achieving fame as a K-pop star involves years of intensive training, and often some plastic surgery.

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Do you have double eyelids in K-pop?

In the early days of K-Pop, the beauty standards that was considered the norm consisted of having double eyelids, however, in recent times, that has changed. Beauty standards have changed, and in fact, mono lids have actually been the recent beauty trend in recent times, as the “fennec fox” look has been quite hot among the fans.

Do idols with double eyelids look more attractive than those with mono?

So in the past, fans for fun have actually tried applying double-eyelids on photos of a few idols known to have great beauty with mono lids. While these particular idols look great with or without double eyelids, their original mono lids are of course by far the most attractive.

Did CLC’s Yoojin have double eyelid surgery?

A popular K-pop artist is facing criticisms from fans after apparently having undergone double eyelid surgery. Spotted at a recent public appearance, Yoojin of talented Korean girl group CLC now sports outer double eyelids.

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Which BTS member has a double eyelid?

V, whose visuals are legendary status, would no doubt look great with or without them. But uniquely, V’s left eye actually forms a double-eyelid, while his right eye is mono lid. Here’s SungJae with double eyelids.